Facebook is an ideal for giving people a personal status update. You can promote your business, but bringing the two together isn't always easy. Individuals don't always want business status updates on their timeline, whilst business users don't want to take a personal space and use it for communicating with their employees.

With this in mind, Facebook launched Workspace in 2016 and it's been a success. Workspace is a business-focused area on Facebook which can only be accessed by invited users, whether they are direct employees within your business, freelancers or other key individuals. Every person can be brought within one closed framework. Think of it as a closed group for your business, in its own dedicated area.

The key difference is that only those invited individuals see your business status updates, so you can use Workplace as your own intranet for company news. Alternatively, you could setup a Workplace area for a testing new ideas for your business.

In addition to posting business updates, you can use Workspace to start a live conference, chat with others using the clients provided, swap and collaborate with other companies and even share files.

Workspace Chat is a dedicated app for Android smarphones which you can use to chat with other users within your Workspace. If you want to continue the conversation, then you can open the same chat client on your Mac or Windows computer.

Note that although Workspace Chat is a free download, you need a Workspace account to login.

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Fairly simply desktop chat client which is not too dissimilar from the regular Facebook Messenger tool.