Everybody has a need to keep track of dates, whether it is to ensure that you don't forget to attend and important business meeting, or want to ensure that you don't miss your next dental appointment. Calendar apps are among the most popular in the App Store, and the latest addition to the collection is MUJI CALENDAR for iPad.

The app can be used to manage a standalone calendar, or it can be configured to synchronise with Google Calendar - although it is a shame to see that there is no support for iCal or Mobile Me calendars.

MUJI CALDENDAR prides itself on its ease of navigation, and it is possible to view an entire day's worth of appointments without the need to scroll through a list of tasks and events. The app uses the familiar pinching gesture to zoom in and out of calendar detail.

When used in conjunction with the MUJI to GO app, MUJI CALENDAR provides easy access to a number of options that will be useful when you are on the move. With simple appointment scheduling and easy manipulation of calendar data, this is a simple, attractive calendar app hampered slightly by advertisements and a lack of rotation support.

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An immensely usable calendar application with a few minor niggles that will hopefully be ironed out in future releases.