One of the key uses of any mobile device, whether it is a phone a tablet or other handheld, is to take notes. Phone calls, VoIP chats, photos and more are also popular, but note taking in one form or another is something that every does on an almost daily basis. Flick Note is note taking app for Android that can be used to synchronise notes with a Simplenote account.

Flick Notes benefits from a wonderfully clean interface that is uncluttered and easy to work with. The notes you create can be tagged to allow for searching and filtering when you need to home in on a particular piece of information, and these are something that can also be synchronised with Simplenote - in addition to notes themselves, pin status and the contents of the trash.

Notes are not restricted to black text in a default font; there is a choice of typefaces that you can use in addition to a range of text colours. Depending on what you are using the program for, this can help to make it easier to differentiate notes or to highlight text that is particularly important.

Flick Note thrives on its simplicity, but one handy feature is the conversion of URLs, note names and phone numbers into clickable links. There is also the option of using check boxes which is a valuable tool when the app is being used to create a shopping list or to manage a project.

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An impressive Simplenote client. Advertisements are a little annoying, but it may not be worth paying to lose them.