Talking to your phone is not something that should be an alien concept, but Dragon Dictation enables you to transform this every day activity into something incredibly useful. The app is a speech recognition tool that can be used to dictate emails, text messages and more, saving you from having to type by hand.

Word accuracy is incredibly high, and it's hard not to be impressed as your spoken words are converted into onscreen text in a flash. Should any mistakes creep in, voice controls can be used to make any necessary adjustments.

Once your text has been generated, it can be sent to an email or text message ready for sending out, or the program can be used to update Twitter and Facebook statuses.

A copy facility is also available so your dictations can be pasted into any other app, not just those that are directly supported by Dragon Dictation.


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Speaking to your phone is much faster than typing, and Dragon Dictation's accuracy level means that it is a genuinely useful tool.