To do list managers are ten a penny, but Delegate is a little different from the competition. The application not only enables you to create a to do list to manage your work and projects, but to share your lists online so they can be used by others and accessed from other computers.

Itself, the online option is incredibly useful, particularly if you find yourself working with two or more computer - such as at home and in the office. However, this feature also means that it is possible to collaborate on list when working on a project with others.

Subscribing to the Getting Things Done ideology, Delegate makes it easy t break down even the most complicated of projected into a series of more manageable tasks. Individual tasks can be tagged to allow for easy sorting, and prioritisation enables you to concentrate on what is most important.

Delegate benefits from its clean and clear interface that will be immediately familiar to anyone who has spent any time using iTunes. With iPhone and iPad versions of the application also available, this is a to do list manager for people and teams on the move.

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An adaptable task management tool that will fit around the way you and your team work.