Running a business of any size can be a daunting prospect, but Daylite can help you to make the most of your time ad resources by providing easy access to all of the information you need. When scheduling meetings, the ability to access shared calendars means that you will be able to see when others are free, and co-workers can be sent notifications from with the application.

Daylite can be used to manage your general schedule or that of an individual project. Once a project has been created, it can be linked to calendar events, meetings, tasks and more, so all of the information you need can be accessed in one handy location.

The application integrates with Apple Mail and can automatically link emails to contacts, projects and other Daylite information. These emails can be shared or kept private, as can all of the data stored in the application.

Rather than focusing on a single aspect of your business, Daylite enables you to take better control of things as a whole. Whether you are working on your own or in a team, this centralised way of working leaves you with more time to concentrate on your business.

Note, the iPhone and iPad version of this tool is free, and included here, but only free if you purchase Daylite.

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A powerful centralisation tool that can help to save you time and money.