CyberLink PresenterLink+ is a simple tool for building presentations, then running them in person, recording and broadcasting them via common video conferencing software (Skype, Skype for Business, Google Hangouts, LINE, Facebook, WebEx,, GotoMeeting).

The interface is straightforward, just the core functions you need. The opening "Prepare" tab isn't a complete presentation tool, for instance: it just allows importing PowerPoint files (PowerPoint 2007 or later must be installed on the system) or individual images, drag and dropping them into order and adding text notes.

The "Present/ Record" tab is much the same. There are Start and Record buttons, options to annotate slides or switch to the desktop, extended monitor or projector support, webcam displayed as a PiP overlay, and that's about it.

CyberLink PresenterLink+ can integrate with some video conferencing services. In Skype, for example, choose Tools > Options, and select "Camera for VideoMeeting+/PresenterLink" as your Video Settings webcam, "Microphone for VideoMeeting+/PresenterLink" as your Audio Settings microphone. You're then able to broadcast presentations live to your contacts.

If you've recorded the presentation, CyberLink PresenterLink+ saves each slide as a separate video. The "Edit/ Produce" tab displays these, and you can play, rearrange or delete them, before exporting to a single video file.

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CyberLink PresenterLink+ is a well-designed presentation manager which has some powerful tools, yet is still very easy to use. You'll have the basics figured out in minutes, and a comprehensive local help file walks you through everything else.