CSVPad is a compact, free and portable editor for CSV and similar files.

The program can handle all kinds of format variations: tab separated, colons, semicolons, pipes, dollars and more. Fortunately you don't have to worry about the details as by default CSVPad automatically detects and uses the correct format all on its own.

Your target file opens in a table, and you can immediately browse or search it, edit individual fields, extend the file with new records.

If the file structure isn't right then you can also reorder rows by dragging and dropping, insert new rows or columns, duplicate or swap them, copy and paste them, or just move your selected rows/ columns around to some new position.

There are one or two surprise bonus features: "Snapshot" saves a JPG of the table, "Search Online" opens a web page with the results of a Google search for the selected cell.

When you're done, the file can be saved in CSV or with the other supported separators (tab/ colon/ semi-colon etc), or exported as XLS, ODS, XML or HTML.

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CSVPad is a convenient way to edit CSV and similar files, and can be very useful if you don't have a full-scale spreadsheet editor around.