Citymapper is a city-wide route-planning app which provides a comprehensive list of options for your route, taking you from A to B using your mobile connection to navigate through to your destination.

The app homepage displays a small map of your location including an inset tube map. From your current location you can view travel options within 5 minutes walk. If you select to walk or cycle, Citymapper will tell you how many calories you will burn and the equivalent in food. e.g. half a chocolate bar or one bacon butty.

For travelers navigating a route through London, the app includes routing via the London Underground other options including, buses, cycling (if using a ‘Boris Bike’ it provides docking stations and the amount of bikes and spaces free to save you hassle), walking, rail, ferry, train and cab options, which include uber and waiting time and approximate costs.

Using the ‘Get Me Home’ or ‘Get me to Work’ options you can set locations for a rapid search of your fastest route to home or work. By using the ‘Get Me Somewhere’ option you can insert a new address for the intended location; ideal if you are planning ahead.

Citymapper will add a fun twist to what is usually a dull commute. You will be presented with options for traveling using a jetpack, teleport or catapult, if you fancy trying a new way of getting to work. It also tries to predict the future by informing you how long your journey would take once the new cross-rail gets implemented.

What's New in Version 6.21

Look around you. Look around you. Just look around you. Have you worked out what we're looking for? Correct, the answer is ALUMINIUM.

If you said a SEARCH BAR, give yourself half-credit. We've added a search bar to those nearby transit buttons at the top of the home screen, so that you can jump to a different part of the city and see what nearby stations or stops are near there.

If you said GO BUTTONS, you get a gold star. Now when you're looking at a bus line, you can press GO beside a stop to quickly plan a trip on that particular bus to that particular stop. We'll even give you notifications when it's time to get off.

If you said RIDE OPTIONS, give yourself a cookie. In many cities you'll see more ride & taxi options when planning a trip.

For extra credit: what's the name of the bus service that we're launching soon?

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Comprehensive routeplanning application, which will enable you to succesfully get from A to B with minimum fuss.