Each of the apps you have installed on your iPhone or iPad uses a slightly different method for saving and organizing files. It is likely that you have a number of related files created and stored in various apps and in order to access each of these files you need to first remember which app was used to create the file. Berokyo is a files organization solution that makes it easier than ever to work with your files on the move.

The app uses the concept of bookshelves, much like iBook, to enable you to organize related files and data together. This could be a selection of files that are all related to a particular work project, or any other type of information you need to group together.

Using bookshelves makes it easy to access, open and edit files without the need to remember where they were stored, but if you are having trouble tracking down something you need, a comprehensive search utility is available to help you out. The app is not just limited to organizing files, it can also be used to collect together contact information, emails, SMSes and much more.

Files can be easily shared from within Berokyo and you have the option of opening the files you have stored in bookshelves with any suitable app that you have installed. A particular useful feature is Dropbox integration which makes it even easier to share files and take advantage of features such as offline file accessing and file synchronization.

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A powerful organization tool that places you firmly in control of your files - a great utility for workers on the move.