World Route is a visual traceroute which displays the path your network packets take to any IP address or website.

The program couldn't be any easier to use. Type your destination domain or address in a box, press Enter, and that's it. Just watch as the program displays the IP address and geographical location of each hop (well, most), also plotting a broad outline of the route on a world map, and displaying the overall distance and round-trip time.

World Route has some limitations, particularly with presentation. The route is drawn very broadly (one 30-hop trip to China generated a route with only four lines), on a plain Google map, where zooming in doesn't display any more detail (you just get a pixelated view of the same bitmap), and which you can't even click and drag to move around.

Maybe worse, you can't do anything with this data beyond right-clicking and saving either the IP address or location for one hop at a time. There's no way to save the full list as a CSV or text report, and no option to save a graphic image of the map.

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World Route is small. Simple. Doesn't require installation. And it works, more or less, giving you a more graphical view of the usual traceroute display.

Unfortunately, the program doesn't do anything visually interesting with this data, and as there are no overall "Save" options, you can't do anything with it later, either.