SoftPerfect Network Scanner is a powerful, portable tool that can help manage, troubleshoot and check the security of any network.

Just give the program an IP address range, click the Start Scanning button, and it'll use ICMP, NetBIOS and SNMP to check everything that's currently connected to the network: PCs, laptops, router, network printer, anything that has its own IP address.

At a minimum you'll get a list of each connected device, including its network name, MAC and IP address. And you can then manage PCs or laptops from here, perhaps sending a message to the currently logged-on user, shutting down the system remotely, or sending a Wake-On-LAN message to start a system that's currently turned off.

Even better, SoftPerfect Network Scanner will also detect and display resources that are shared on the network (both administrative and hidden), so you can easily check that all your networked systems are properly configured. And if you spot something that looks out of place then double-clicking it will open the share in Explorer, a quick way to find out exactly what's being exposed.

The program is multi-threaded for maximum performance, highly configurable, and provides many other ways to remotely administer networked PCs. You may be able to find out more about their services, access Registry information, even send WMI queries, although you'll need some WQL (WMI Query Language) knowledge to get the most from this.

Version 7.2 brings (see changelog for more):

- Improved: virtual columns can now be used as keys for mapping friendly names.
- Improved: live notifications expanded to four types (online, offline, new MAC, changed IP).
- Improved: retention of column metadata and width when changing multi-column items.
- Improved: output of scripted columns made available to the scripts themselves.
- Improved: MAC address resolution via SNMP: added SNMPv2c and IPv6 address support.
- Improved: column limit of each type increased from 10 to 50, the /maxcols switch abolished.
- Improved: rescanning limited to the target column when rescanning a column in multi-column group.
- Added: configurable background colour and text colour in column headers.
- Added: custom sender e-mail in e-mail settings.
- Added: drag-n-drop of computers from Windows Explorer's Network to Network Scanner's main view.

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A powerful, portable and easy-to-use network scanner that's packed with useful features