Windows 10 includes a built-in network usage monitor which shows you the bandwidth consumed by all your apps over the last 30 days.

If you've never noticed the monitor before, you're not alone-- it's easy to miss. Launch the Settings app, click Network and Internet > Data Usage > View Usage Details for the breakdown.

This works well, but the system gives you no control over the data usage period. It's always the last 30 days, annoying if - for instance - you want to measure your usage over the current month.

Reset Data Usage is a tiny portable tool which can reset your usage counts to zero whenever you like.

The program doesn't have a manual, but then you won't need one. Clearing your stats is as simple as launching the program and hitting "Reset Data Usage".

Alternatively, using a /R switch from the command line enables resetting the counts from a script. Use this from a scheduled task and you could automatically reset usage stats every day, week, month, whenever works for you.

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Windows 10's network usage monitor is a handy tool, but it's short on configuration options, and deciding when the count should start is one of the most obvious. Fortunately, Reset Data Usage fills the functionality gap and makes the monitor much more useful.