QuickSetDNS is a compact and portable tool which makes it easy to change the DNS server for any of your network adapters.

Unlike some similar tools, QuickSetDNS only lists a single alternative to your default settings: Google's Public DNS. But this isn't necessarily a big deal, as it's simple enough to add as many other alternatives as you like. For Comodo Secure DNS, say, you'd click File > DNS, type Comodo in the "Name" box,, in the "IP Addresses" box, click OK, and you're done.

Changing the DNS server itself is simple enough, just a matter of choosing your preferred network adapter, selecting a new server and clicking File > Set Active DNS (or pressing F2). Or, if you need to restore your default settings later, set your system to "Automatic DNS" instead.

Alternatively, if you're a network expert then you can use the program to set your DNS servers from the command line, like QuickSetDNS.exe /SetDNS "," "{F41A4233-02DA-42D6-A97B-A2D12F9FE0CD}"

Version 1.21 ((changelog):

  • You can now specify the connection name in command-line, for example: 
    QuickSetDNS.exe /SetDNS "," "Local Area Connection"

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QuickSetDNS is a little basic, with just one alternative DNS server, no explicit DNS restore option, no way to flush your DNS cache. If you know what you're doing, though, it's easy enough to use, and a simple way to change your DNS servers.