PingView is an automated ping tool which discovers network devices and reports on their availability.

The program opens with the Ping Collection Creation Wizard, which scans your network for available devices. (This may not appear by default, but you can always click Actions > Run Wizard to launch it manually.) We accepted its default settings, it quickly found everything on our network, and we clicked Create to build the collection.

Preparations complete, the main PingView window appears with a list of any discovered devices, along with their device names and MAC addresses.

Right-clicking in the collection pane and selecting "Add Target" allows you to add additional devices, IP addresses or domains.

Clicking Options > Collection Properties displays options like ping frequency and timeout.

Once you're happy, clicking Actions > Start launches the monitoring process. PingView checks each device every 30 seconds (by default), highlighting anything which is inaccessible, and displaying response times and other information for working devices.

Right-clicking individual devices displays further options to view graphs of ping times, open a browser window at that IP address, and more.

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PingView's interface is quirky, but once you've figured out how everything works it proves to be a capable little network monitor with some surprisingly advanced features. It's free and portable, too.