NetAdapter Repair All in One is a portable network diagnostic, reporting and repair tool.

The program arrives as a single executable, and on launch displays various useful network-related details: your host name, local and public IP addresses, MAC address, default gateway, DNS servers and more.

"Ping IP" and "Ping DNS" buttons run simple pings, reporting their results in a log window.

The program has a stack of other buttons to view or reset your HOSTS file, switch to Google DNS, remove static IP settings (enable DHCP), flush your DNS cache, reset your Internet options, and more.

There's also a full-strength "advanced repair" option which resets Winsock and TCP/ IP, clears proxy and VPN settings and runs a Windows Firewall repair, all in a single operation.

Most of these commands don't do anything too advanced. The program runs "ipconfig /flushdns" to flush your DNS cache, for example, and "netsh int reset all" to reset TCP/IP. Networking experts can do most of this themselves without difficulty.

NetAdapter Repair All in One does have some worthwhile extras, though, and it's certainly easy to use. Just beware: some of these commands make fundamental changes to your network setup, and applying them incorrectly may cause problems. If you're at all uncertain about what you're doing, create a system restore point before you use it.

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NetAdapter displays useful network-related information and simplifies various troubleshooting tasks. There's nothing too advanced or surprising here, but the program should save you a little time, and on balance it's worth the download.