MRemoteNG, a fork of the mRemote project, is a powerful and comprehensive remote connection manager.

Launch the program and it'll immediately check to ensure that your system supports its various connection types: Remote Desktop, VNC, SSH/ Telnet/ Rlogin/ RAW, Citrix ICA, and more. If all is well then you'll see a reassuring green tick; if there's a problem then helpful error messages will explain what you need to do.

Once you're set up, then you can add a new connection in the Connections pane, and configure its details: host name or IP, user name, password, protocol, port and many other protocol-specific settings. So for a Remote Desktop connection, say, you're able to set up its resolution, the number of colours, whether you want to cache bitmaps, display wallpaper and themes, apply font smoothing, and more.

You can then launch any connection just by double-clicking it. Or open multiple connections, if you like (each one gets a separate tab).

And mRemoteNG includes some useful bonus features, such as a port scanner and SSH file transfer, as well as an "External Tools" option which enables you to integrate extra tools with the package.

Recent changes include:

Converted source from Visual Basic to C Sharp
Lots of code refactoring/clean up/general stability changes
MR-714: Removed Keyboard shortcut functionality

Introduced in 1.73 beta that was never officially released
This caused stability issues
May be re-added in a future release
Removal does NOT impact the ability to send keyboard shortcuts to RDP sessions (when redirect key combinations is set to "yes")

MR-559: Removed RDP Sessions panel functionality. This required a library for which no trusted origin/source could be located
Removed a bunch of old code/libraries and replaced them accordingly

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A powerful and comprehensive remote connection manager