Mobizen is a powerful remote access tool which makes it easy to view and use your Android device via USB, Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE on PC, Mac, iPad or Tablet.

Getting started is just a matter of installing the free app and creating a Mobizen account.

Once that's done, log in at in any browser, create and enter a four-digit PIN code (an extra step to keep hackers locked out), and a preview of your device screen appears. You can click with a mouse to tap, hold and drag to swipe, control and play any app just as you normally would. There's some lag, of course, depending on your connection, but generally it works very well.

A toolbar alongside the screen provides extra features. You can take snapshots or record HD videos of your screen with a click, no rooting required. There's a whiteboard, an option to use the local keyboard, and you can switch your device to a full screen view if necessary.

If you don't need to mirror your device, a separate selection of icons gives you quick access to your music, photos, videos, files, call logs and contacts. The advantage of doing it this way is the interface will take full advantage of your local hardware, so for example you'll be able to view your files in a full screen browser, and access, stream or transfer whatever you like.

Connection via a browser is easy, but Mobizen also has a Windows client. This delivers the same functionality in an even more convenient form, allows you to access your device via USB or wifi, and displays its screen as just another window on your desktop.

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An excellent remote access tool, easy to use and with a stack of useful extras.