Dot11expert is a compact tool which displays low-level details about your wireless network adapters and local networks.

On launch the program displays three panels with details about your wireless adapters (name, state, 802.11 types supported), detected networks (SSID, signal quality, authentication, cipher) and access points (MAC address, SSID, channel, RSSI).

A separate graph plots the signal strength of all local networks over time. It's a familiar idea, but not so useful here because there's nothing to indicate which trace on the graph represents which network.

Double-clicking any adapter, network or access point displays a further dialog with additional stats and details.

The Adapter dialog displays MAC and Phy layer statistics including transmitted/ received frame counts, retry counts and multicast data.

The Network dialog gives you the network SSID, type, signal quality and more.

The Access Point dialog displays its MAC address, PHY ID, type, RSSI, link quality, channel, frequency and more.

You can't really do anything with this information - there's no "save to file" option, not even "copy to clipboard" - but there is a log which lists network as they're found.

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Dot11expert can display a fair amount of information about your local networks, but it's presented poorly. There's no way to save the data for reuse elsewhere. It seemed to be buggy, too, at least on our test system, with many networks "disappearing" from the list every few minutes.