There will be a time, soon, when advanced PC users won’t need to go in to the office, as they’ll be able to do everything from home, using their fast broadband connection and secure link to the office network. Indeed, if you have a specialist skill, there’s no reason why you couldn’t put this to better use, by showing other users how to perform similar tasks.

For all the home-help books you can buy to learn how to use a particular application, there’s nothing better than asking a friend to show you how to use the tool. You can ask direct questions and get immediate answers.
CrossLoop is a solution where you can gain control of a remote computer and perform a particular task for that user. These tasks could be fixing their machine, showing them how to do something within Windows or even showing them how to use a particular application. Better still, CrossLoop enables you to charge for your time. So you could put your skills to good use. Companies could use CrossLoop to offer immediate support to their customers. Whether that is chargeable support or free, would depend on the company offering the service.

CrossLoop works by installing a tool on your machine that enables the other user to access your desktop. Although there’s some trust involved with this, it’s very difficult to for them to do anything suspicious, you’re watching everything they are doing on your machine, plus you can switch off the connection at any time, putting you fully in control.

There are versions for both the Mac and PC, meaning a PC user can access your Mac desktop, remotely.

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Instead of trawling books trying to understand how to use a particular application, simply install this and get another user to show you how