White Noise Baby is a free app which uses various ambient sounds to help your baby relax and sleep better.

The app soothes your baby with a choice of 20 looped ambient sounds (air conditioner, fan, grandfather clock, heartbeat, wind chimes, more) or 10 classical music tracks (Brahms Lullaby, Tchaikovsky Sugarplum Fairy, Chopin Prelude Op 28, more).

Set a timer and you can have the volume gently fade to silence.

A baby monitor function restarts playback if crying is heard.

A bonus "baby rattle" function might quiet or distract a fussy baby.

Please note, the free app only plays audio while it's in the foreground. Switch to another app and playback stops.

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White Noise Baby offers a good range of baby-calming ambient sounds, and although there are no guarantees, the 4.4-star rating at Google Play suggests it just might work.