The irony about the up-coming Millennial generation is that they think they are super-productive but are in a state of denial. Why? Simply from the amount of time spent looking at, accessing and responding to messages on their smartphone.

In 2017, the University of Texas concluded that even having your smartphone within eye distance, can slow down productivity. You're constantly being distracted, keep seeing notifications popping up on the screen and it can cause you to lose your train of thought.

The problem is, we feel obliged to respond to messages, immediately. Worse, messages make you too easily available. It's too easy for a partner to ask what you're doing, your plans, when you're getting home and more. This alone puts pressure on a situation, relationship by simply feeling you need to respond and keep them updated. But, overlooking the fact that only 20 years ago you'd simply get on with life and get back at the end of the day and see your other half. Now, you have to swap messages all day, even when you're supposed to be at work.

Hold is a Norwegian app which is designed to encourage you, and your kids, to drop your phone and focus on other things (well, life). By ignoring your phone, you get rewarded. From 1 March 2018, Hold is now available to UK users.

Install the app and ignore it. If you do, you get rewarded. 10 points for every 20 minutes you do not pickup your smartphone. Once you've accumulated enough points, you can then redeem them with various partners including Vue Entertainment, Costa Coffee, Amazon, Planet Organic, Ugly Drinks, Jabees, Onepiece, and FlowMotion.

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Interesting app, but will it really encourage people not to use their smartphone and what do you use when you go and sit in a cafe and redeem your reward for a coffee? The irony.