WISE-FTP is a powerful FTP client which comes packed with helpful, time-saving features.

The program connects easily to any FTP site, and presents its files and folders in a straightforward Explorer-type view. You're able to drag and drop files, delete, copy or rename them, view their properties and more, just as easily as on your local system.

A host of cleverly designed tools help to speed up the management process. An integrated viewer displays some files without you having to download them first, for instance. WISE-FTP's built-in HTML editor allows you to directly modify HTML and text files on the server. You can even edit files with local applications, and the program will automatically download and open them, then upload any changes when you're done.

That's just the start, though. Wise-FTP also contains synchronisation tools which can see the system update entire folders or folder trees, without you having to manually transfer individual files. The Task Planner allows you to schedule regular transfers so they run automatically, even if you're not around. And if this isn't enough, you even get a macro recorder which is able to replay and repeat any common Wise-FTP tasks.

Whatever you're doing, SSFTP, FTPS and encryption support (RijnDael 128, 192, and 256 bits, BlowFish, TripleDES) is always on hand to protect the security of your data.

And there are plenty of smaller conveniences, everywhere you look. Are your remote files an inconsistent mess of upper and lower case letters, for instance? That doesn't have to be a problem any more - WISE-FTP 8 can adjust file case to suit your needs during its transfers.

Version 9.0 changes:

  • New advanced user interface is which includes a comprehensive set of new themes.
  • The Task Planner was redesigned into a Windows Service; now it works in background, does not require a user to be logged on, and consumes less system resources.
  • New function 'Upload optimized for Web' allows to significantly reduce the size of HTML, CSS and similar files before uploading them to a hosting server.
  • Upload, download and deletion of large amounts of files were optimized for the best performance ever.
  • Fully compatible with Windows 10
  • Numerous improvements and optimizations in all programs areas.

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A capable and feature-packed FTP client