Wireless network adaptors are now included as standard in laptops and there are an increasing number of free wireless hotspots that can be used around the country. WeFi is a free tool that can be used to track down the best possible connection to help ensure a stable internet connection wherever you may be.

The program will automatically scan for available wireless connections and determine which is the best before establishing a connection for you. This in itself may not seem particular special, but there is a strong community focus to WeFi. Whenever you use the program to detect a wireless connection, when you have connected to the best one available, this information is added to a wifi map so future connections by someone in the same location will be faster. This is happening all around the country, so as more and more people make use of WeFi, the database of wifi hotspots grows, benefiting everyone involved.

WeFi also offer instant messaging and you can use the program to build up a buddy list. You will be notified whenever one of your contacts is online so you can chat from anywhere in the country using a free wireless connection.

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WeFi may not seem like a particularly useful tool, but the community based drive to track down the best connections available is an undeniable boon.