Weezo is an application which turns your PC into a secure web server, then allows you to remotely access its contents, securely share files and folders with others, or publish content online.

Installation is surprisingly straightforward. Weezo runs on Apache, but you don't have worry about the technical details. The program handles the setup and configuration process for you with the absolute minimum of hassle.

Weezo does its best to simplify remote access to your system, too. In particular, you don't have to find a way to communicate your IP address to others. Create a Weezo account and you'll be given a URL (YourName.weezo.net) which can be used to help access whatever it is you want to share.

Life becomes a little more complicated when you're deciding what you'd like to make available, not least because there are so many options. You can create a Photo Album to share your latest photos with friends and family, for instance. Video and Music options gives others access to your chosen files (and instant access via streaming, too - no need to download). You can make your webcam available online, your bookmarks, create a basic blog, and more.

You don't have to share any of this with others, of course. You could alternatively use Weezo as an easy way to play your own music collection from anywhere. It's just as easy to remotely access whatever files and folders you like, while a Remote Desktop allows you to take control of your system remotely (you can start up or shut down the system, run DOS commands, manage Weezo and more).

Whatever you're doing, the system goes to considerable lengths to keep your system safe. Every resource you make available will be password-protected. There are multiple authentication schemes to help organise things just as you'd like. And you can even enable SSL encryption for an extra layer of security.

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The interface isn't always as intuitive as it should be, but overall Weezo still a good job of simplifying what can be a very difficult task, and the program provides a host of ways to share and remotely access specific files, folders or entire PC