WebTorrent is an open-source, adware-free torrent client which can stream audio and video files before they're fully downloaded.

Launch the program and links to four public domain videos show you how well this works. Hover your mouse over a tile, click the Stream button, and it begins to play within seconds.

Seeking works almost immediately, too. Seek to the end of the movie and WebTorrent just reprioritizes to download from that point.

Playback was smooth for us, although of course it's dependent on your hardware and network conditions. If there are problems, hitting Pause will give the program time to build up a buffer. Or you can always click Download to view it offline, later.

Adding your own torrents is as simple as dragging and dropping a .torrent file, or pasting a magnet link.

Support for tracker servers, DHT, peer exchange and WebTorrent helps the program find and connect to peers.

There's even support for streaming media to AirPlay, Chromecast, and DLNA, apparently, although we didn't test this.

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No adware, no complicated settings or displays, just easy-to-use torrent download or streaming. If you're not currently happy with some other torrent client, grab a copy immediately.