VertrigoServ is a freeware WAMP server which includes the latest versions of Apache, PHP, MySQL, SQLite, SQLiteManager, PhpMyAdmin and Zend Optimizer.

The program makes it much easier to install and manage your own server setup, as you can do almost everything you need from one place.

Just one simple installer covers every application, for instance. And all the components are saved under one folder, minimising any hard drive clutter.

There's no complex configuration files to try and understand - every application is ready to go immediately after installation.

Management is simple, because you can access and control every element of your setup from VertrigoServ's right-click menu (launch individual apps, open a test web page, view logs, open configuration files, read documentation and more).

Even if VertrigoServ isn't for you - or you've finished testing, and just don't need it any more - the package is very easy to remove. There's no need to check and uninstall applications individually, just use VertrigoServ's official uninstaller and it'll strip out everything for you.

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An excellent WAMP server, compact and easy to manage.