V-Radio is a compact tool which helps you to find and play radio stations from around the world.

The program's interface is packed with buttons, filters, status indicators and more, and initially looks a little cluttered. Take a moment to explore, though, and it all starts to make more sense. All available stations for the currently selected country are represented as large icons in the lower pane of the program; you can display these as smaller icons or a text list for a clearer view; and if you click a station, V-Radio should begin playing it within seconds.

If the stations on offer don't appeal to you, then choosing another country will give you more options (there are 25+ countries, more than 1,000 stations in total). There are also filters for Genre or Location (the city within a country), although for some reason they're mostly empty. A "Recommended" pane offers more suggestions, while clicking "Popular" shows you which stations have the most V-Radio listeners.

Once you've found a station you like, a Favorites system means you can quickly access it later. A "Share on Facebook" helps you share it with others, and you can also open a browser window at that station's website with a click.

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V-Radio's interface is a little odd, and the program doesn't always work as you expect. It does give easy access to a lot of radio stations, though, without the usual adware or other junk. Worth a look.