When Mozilla removed the status bar from Firefox 4, it didn’t find new homes for all of the elements that previously resided there, while others may have been moved to places you’re not that happy with.

Status-4-Evar aims to resolve this problem by restoring missing items like status text, progress bar (useful when judging if a website has finished loading or not) and download status items. Once installed, all of these elements are set up by default so if you’re happy with how they’re set up you can leave well alone. If you don’t like the default settings, then unlike earlier incarnations of these status bar items you can tweak pretty much every aspect of them from the Add-ons Manager. 

Each element has its own dedicated section, and you can choose to place it on the Toolbar, the URL bar or as a popup. If we had just one tweak to recommend it would be with the progress bar – by default, Status-4-Evar sets it up as a weedy green line at the bottom of the Location bar – set this to Fill for a more visible – and satisfying – experience. 

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If you need any of the supported elements that have been removed in Firefox 4, this is the best – and simplest – way to get them back again.