There are plenty of "new tab pages" Chrome extensions, but Start - A Better New Tab stands out anyway by cramming in every possible feature it can.

Our first new tab opened with a gorgeous photo background, for instance. A  weather forecast. A simple To Do app. Lists of the latest Google News stories and popular YouTube videos. There are panels to alert you to Facebook notifications and messages, access Gmail or Google Calendar, launch Chrome apps, access your favourite sites or just run a Google search. Oh, and you get a clock, too.

Don't need some of these? Click Link > Settings. The icons under Features represent the various elements of the page, and you can drag and drop these to change their position, or click something to toggle it off and on.

The Settings dialog also allows choosing your default location, temperature units, wallpaper and more.

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Start - A Better New Tab is a powerful extension which delivers just about anything you might want to do on a new tab page. This makes it look cluttered, at least initally, but it's also supremely configurable and you can easily remove anything you don't need.