Your iPhone is equipped with a camera and there is no shortage of online services waiting for you to use them as your preferred means of storing them online. Snapr is another such tool, and the focus is squarely on sharing images with others.

The images you upload can be geo-tagged so they appear on a map. As the same is happening with other people's images, Snapr is a great way to explore the world and see it through the eyes of others. If you're planning a trip or holiday, browse through the image maps online to check out places of interest.

Images can be tagged to make them easier for others to find and you can use a contact list to search for photos that have been uploaded by people you know.

Images can also be shared via Twitter, and while Snapr is a perfectly acceptable photo-sharing tool, it doesn’t really offer anything unique or tackle things any better than many of the alternatives. New features are promised in future versions so this is certainly an app to watch out for.

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Snapr is nicely implemented, but there are plenty of other similar apps that achieve the same more satisfyingly.