SlideDeck is a clever web widget that makes it easy to organise complex content into a more attractive, eye-catchingly accessible form.

Instead of stretching out content down the page, SlideDeck helps you rearrange it into a more logical, easy-to-follow slideshow. Each slide has a numbered tab with its own title. Click the tab and the next part of your content slides across the page; your visitors can click through to the end, or revisit earlier slides if they like to review any part of your message.

The effect for the visitor is something like a wizard, then, where you're lead through a sequence of steps. And that means it's very easy to follow and understand, even if you've not seen a similar control before (on the web, at least).

Of course SlideDeck is also very customisable. You get to choose how many slides you have, the colours and visual style that you'd like to apply, and exactly what each slide will include: text, images, music, or videos may all be added through the WYSIWYG editor.

It's then easy to add the SlideDeck plugin to your WordPress blog, or your own web site with the minimum of coding. And smart design means your content remains cleanly organised in your page source, so it'll be available to and indexed by search engines, just as before.

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If you regularly need to present complex content online then SlideDeck could make the process considerably easier. Check the author's website for a more fully-featured commercial version