One of the key complaints about the iOS version of Safari is that there is no support for Flash. This means that a huge number of video web sites cannot be used until new and updated versions of them have been created - that is, unless you are using Skyfire.

It is important to note that Skyfire only features support for Flash video - Flash applications and games are not currently supported - and the number of supported sites is slightly limited. Before parting with any money, be sure to pay a visit to to check that your favourite site is listed.

While Flash support is certainly Skyfire's key selling point, it is far from being the end of the story. Facebook and Twitter quickview options enable you to quickly access your feeds without the ned to explicitly visit either site.

The browser also features a desktop style private browsing mode, full screen option to make the best possible use of the available screen space and a number of handy shortcuts. You can easily share links via Facebook and Twitter using a handy pop up, and your favourite RSS feeds are just a tap or two away. There is also support for Instapaper, Pinboard and Read It Later in this excellent alterative to iOS Safari.

Important: for users outside USA, your country's TV website may not work in Skyfire.

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Skyfire is far from perfect, but it does boast some of the features Safari lacks - the price may be a sticking point for some, however.