When you think of installing a new email client, there aren’t too many options. If you happen to be both a Windows and Mac user, and want to use the same client across both computers, Thunderbird would be your most obvious choice.

Microsoft Outlook and the Mac-based Entourage are obvious options. However, Entourage isn’t the best commercial e-mail client and, to be fair, it isn’t cheap. You have to purchase Mac Office to install it on your computer and most users prefer the free Apple Mail.

Another choice is Postbox. This is a cross-platform commercial email client, based on the Mozilla platform, but with a whole host of new and powerful features that make it worth considering. If you’re used to a tabbed interface in your web browser, then using Postbox will be a breeze. You can open multiple emails within tabs, rather than separate windows. It separates the components of your email, so you can quickly see the main message, attachments, images, links and contacts associated with the email.

Search for an email within Postbox and you do not have to wait minutes for the result. The search options are presented immediately, much like spotlight in Mac OS X.

Reading emails through Postbox is made easy by the use of threaded discussions, so it will group together emails from various people, around the same topic. You can quickly open the topic and see every response. Ideal for following a conversation.

Postbox 6.1.12 brings these changes (see the changelog for more info):

- Added more debug info within the filter logs
- Images shared from Cloud File Sharing will no longer be added to message body
- Improved the rendering performance of the International Character Panel
- Reverted change that removed default send server setting in 6.1.11
- Windows Dark Mode styling improvements for stand-alone windows
- Reduced the size of text in the Quick Bar
- Removed deprecated thread commands from the Message menu
- Removed mbox troubleshooting option that is no longer needed
- Things.app to-dos added via the contextual menu now include message links
- Removed due date from Things notes so that new to-dos appear in the Things Inbox
- Fixed a bug that prevented Things.app on macOS from appearing in the context menu
- Fixed a Quick Bar bug that prevented the first auto-completed response from being inserted properly
- Fixed a bug that prevented the OneDrive Cloud File Sharing service from authenticating

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This new email client is ideal for both Windows and Mac users who is seeking a powerful system with a range of professional features