The Firefox button is designed to provide quick access to what Mozilla considers the most-used options normally found on the menu bar, which is now hidden by default in Firefox 4. That’s all well and good, but what Mozilla thinks is popular may not tally with your own personal view, and if a particular option is missing from the Firefox button you may start to wonder if there’s much point to it.

The answer lies with installing the Personal Menu Add-On. After restarting, this does three things: it asks if you wish to add two new buttons to the toolbar: Bookmarks and History. The Bookmarks button is a slightly reworked version of the original, which remains in place until you remove it (or its new rival) manually. The History button provides quick and easy access to navigation controls as well as your recently visited websites.

But it’s the third option that will be of most interest: click the Firefox button and a new option appears. Click Edit This Menu and the Add-on’s true purpose and power is revealed, namely the ability to customise the Firefox button’s menu to contain exactly those options you wish to see on it. It’s simple to use thanks to the two-paned approach: use the left-hand pane to choose what to include, and click in the right-hand pane to either pick the place where you want the chosen element to go, or to remove unwanted elements from the menu.

You can even place toolbar buttons on to the Firefox menu – just select Toolbar Box in the left-hand pane, then click on Edit This Menu beneath it to select which buttons to include.

Once you've chosen what to include, reorder what’s there, use separators and spaces to provide an attractive layout and tweak to your heart’s content. It’s simple, effective and you’ll wonder why it wasn’t part of Firefox 4 to begin with.

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Utterly brilliant: now you can customise the Firefox button menu quickly and easily to render the menu bar obsolete.