Nugget (formerly known as Curly) is a tiny (22KB) portable tool for downloading files from the command line.

There's no complicated syntax to master. Just pass the program your file URL and it'll download the file for you:


While this looks (and is) simple, the program has some extras, starting with its support for http, https and ftp URLs.

Once the file has arrived, Curly calculates and displays its file size, MD5 and SHA2 hashes, perhaps useful if the download page provides them.

Best of all, Curly uses the hashes to query VirusTotal and display a summary of its verdict ("total: 55 positives: 3", for example), immediately highlighting any potential malware.

The program even makes an attempt to protect you from malicious files by renaming them, so for example virus.exe would become virus.exe_quarantined. This doesn't work perfectly (download virus.exe twice and the rename will fail on the second copy, leaving it still accessible), but it's a nice touch anyway, and good enough for most purposes.

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Nugget is a very basic downloader, but its VirusTotal support, tiny size and portability make the program worth a look