If you use one or more web based email accounts, you will be familiar with the arduous task or having to visit several web sites in order to check for new messages. An alternative is to install instant messaging clients or other programs that can check individual accounts for new messages.

But a better option may be to install Notify. This handy little program can be used to check multiple email accounts for new messages and inform you when any have been received.

The application resides in your menu bar and only makes itself known when there is mail that needs you attention. Customisable Growl notifications are used to let you known when messages are received.

With support for a range of web based mail accounts including Google Mail, and MobileMe, Notify integrates with your email client so it can be used to read your messages after clicking a notification.

By upgrading to the Pro version of Notify you can access to a number of additional features. This includes the ability to preview messages on your computer without the need for an email client, as well as the ability to delete messages, mark them as read or move them. Even if you don’t have an email client installed, Notify Pro can also be used to reply to messages and send new emails.

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