Norton Family with parental controls helps you teach your kids healthy online habits and enable safe exploration. Now easier than ever to use, Norton Family allows you to see kids’ Android activity at-a-glance, so you can help them avoid unsuitable web content, inappropriate mobile apps and other online risks. Because knowing how and where your kids spend their time online gives you insight into their interests and helps you keep them safe.

Norton Family Premier (free 30-day trial)
• Keeps you in the know about which websites kids visit and helps avoid unsuitable content
• Helps you manage the time your kids spend on their Android devices
• Sends you an email when kids attempt to visit a blocked site
• Keeps you in the loop about where your kids are by letting you map the location of their Android device.*
• Lets you easily stay in the loop about your kids’ online activities from your Android™ mobile device, and adjust settings while you’re on the go
• Shows which apps your kids have downloaded and lets you choose which apps they can use, including YouTube and Facebook.
• Lets you keep an eye on your kids’ SMS text conversations, including what’s said and who they can text.*
• Shows you a 90-day history of what your kids do on their Android devices, allowing you to clearly spot trends and emerging habits.

• Gives you the option to receive detailed reports of what your kids are doing online, right in your inbox.
*Text message and location supervision not available for all countries.

What's New

• Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

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A nice idea, but one that is flawed due to cumbersome implementation and easy circumvention.