Mr.IP is a simple free tool which displays your internet IP address in a tiny always-on-top window above the system tray.

At its most basic, that's all the program does. Once installed, the window is displayed in a fixed position. Double-clicking it copies your IP address to the clipboard, and you can close the window if it gets in the way.

Right-clicking the title bar displays options to refresh the IP, or undock Mr.IP's window, allowing it to be positioned elsewhere.

We still think the Mr.IP interface looks ugly, but if you agree then there is another option: just close it. When you need to know your IP address, hover the mouse cursor over Mr.IP's system tray icon and it's displayed as a tooltip.

An Options box offers more features. The program can be set up to launch along with Windows, to automatically refresh your IP address every few hours, even to send an email alert when your address changes (no SSL/ TLS support, though, so Gmail can't be used).

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There's nothing too surprising here, but Mr.IP performs its one task well enough, and makes it easy to access your IP address as required.