With a MobileMe subscription you can access you files from any computer with an internet connection. Install MobileMe iDisk for iPhone to your phone and you also have the ability to access them on your mobile.

The free app provides easy access to the contents of your iDisk and enables you to open a large number of supported formats. You can open PDF, iWorks files, QuickTime files, and many more. As you navigate through your documents, an access history is built up so you will be able able access recent documents more quickly in future.

The app also makes it possible to share files with others. A sharing button is available in the app and after indicating who you would like to share the select file with, an email will be send out to those people.

For added security, you can place a time limit on how long the files should be shared for as well as opting to implement password protection. If you don’t already have a MobileMe account, you can sign up for a 60 day trial by paying a visit to http://www.apple.com/mobileme.

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While MobileMe iDisk for iPhone does not handle larger files very well, generally speaking it is a solid and reliable app which makes your documents accessible anywhere.