There are a number of download managers available for OS X that can be used to help speed up files transfers, but few can claim to be as feature packed as Leech. This is a download manager that offers much more than faster download speeds, and it integrate with your web browser for seamless usage.

The tool can be used in a number of ways and once downloads have been started they can be paused, resumed, re-ordered and much more. There are likely to be some web sites and file types that you would prefer not to download with Leech and these options can be easily configured in advance.

Individual files and file types can be configured so they are downloaded to particular folders and Leech features great support for working with URL lists that you may have compiled. URLs can be dragged and dropped onto Leech's Dock icon or pasted into the download window and they will all be downloaded in one fell swoop.

Should a download, or all of your downloads, fail for any reason - your internet connection may have dropped out for example - a context menu entry can be used to quickly restart all files transfers at once. Leech offers such as degree of control over the files you download, you'll start to wonder why more of its features aren’t built into web browsers as standard.

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Even it's only for the automatic sorting of downloads into specific folders, Leech is worth a look, but there are so many other features, it is an essential installation.