Finding the nearest petrol station, takeaway or clothes shop can be achieved in a number of ways, but Layar Reality Browser uses a unique approach which will lead you straight to whatever you're looking for. The integrated compass found in the Google Android powered phones means that the device can be used to provide information not only about your current location, but also information specific to the direction you're facing.

A Layar is a list of data and services complete with location information which can be used by the Layar Reality Browser. Rather than typing in your current location and searching a map for whatever service you are looking for, you can view a 3D on screen map which highlight nearby services that match your search requirements.

If you're in a new town and need to find the nearest restaurant, simply use Layar Reality browser to search for restaurants. Hold up your mobile and the camera will be used to display your surrounds on the screen and pushpins will also be displayed to show you where local restaurants can be found. As you move around the screen is updated to ensure you are heading in the right direction.

This is precisely the type of application which the iPhone and Android phone was designed for, making excellent use of the phone's location aware to provide users with valuable information in a meaningful form.

Note that the developer has pulled the iPhone version of this app.

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Strikingly impressive and wonderfully useful Layar Reality Browser is a unqiue means of finding what you're looking for