Google Docs provides a great way to make your files accessible from any computer with an internet connection, and the option for collaborative work means that it is easy to work with other on a project using the same files. However, many people who collaborate on work rely on email to send copies of files to other team members and this can easily lead to confusion.

Harmony for Google Docs eliminates the need to use email attachments by making it possible to link directly to files stored on Google Docs in your emails. The program appears as a sidebar in Outlook 2007 and link to your Google Docs account to display all the files you have stored.

You can navigate through your Google documents as you type an email and by dragging a file name onto a message a link to that file is added to the email. An advanced search function is available to make it easy to track down a particular document without having to hunt through countless folders.

Harmony for Google Docs also enables you to open and edit your Google documents from within Outlook. This means that it is easy to make additions or amendments to documents in response to an email without having to fire up your web browser.

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Document sharing and collaborative work has never been easier. Harmony for Google Docs is a perfect partnership of Outlook and Google Docs.