FrostWire is a P2P file sharing program for the Gnutella network, and based on the LimeWire source code.

A simple search tool makes it easy to look for particular videos, audio files, images, documents or programs. Or you can just click the Torrents tab and enter any keyword that might appear in your target torrent file name. Search results appear at speed, and you can be downloading files in just a few seconds.

All this comes without the spyware, ads or commercial nag screens that you get in some of the competition. (FrostWire will install the Ask toolbar if you accept all the default installation settings, but clear the appropriate checkboxes and you'll stay Ask-free.)

And this version is more compact, loads faster, delivers improved BitTorrent support and has enhanced spam filters, amongst many other changes.

Version 6.7.1 improvements include (see changelog for more):

- UX: Added border at the top of the global status bar at the bottom of the screen
- UX: Transfer tab title, search filter box and filter buttons in the same row saving precious vertical screen space for smaller screens
- UX: better resizing of transfer detail components
- UX: transfer detail component rendering optimizations
- UX: fixes bug in search result rendering
- Translations updated
- Search fixes
- Crash fixed when translating tooltips
- Crashes and optimizations
- UX: Torrent Transfer Tracker viewer now tracks DHT, LSD and PEX information

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A fast and capable file sharing application