When downloading files from the internet it is not uncommon to find that although you have a fast internet connection, certain downloads can take an age to complete. This is often because the server hosting the files you are trying to get hold of is overloaded with other downloaders, but Folx may be able to help.

By splitting the files you are downloading into multiple threads it is possible to download them faster. You have the option of prioritising downloads so you can start several files downloads and choose which you would like to complete first.

Any files you download with Folx can be tagged so they will be automatically saved to specific folders- you may want to save videos to one folder and images to another for example. With support for download resumption, you are able to switch off your computer whenever you want and pick up file transfers at a later time if required.

But Folx is more than just a download manager, it also features an integrated torrent client that can be used to download large files with ease. This means that there is no need to have two separate programs installed to handle torrent and regular downloads - Folx can take care of it all.

Upgrade to the Pro version of Folx and you have access to a number of extra features such as the ability to automatically limit upload and download speeds when you start to use your internet connection for other purposes. Downloads can be scheduled and you have the option of choosing what should happen when a download is complete, such as shutting down your Mac or closing Folx. The Pro version of Folx also splits downloads into ten threads for even faster transfers and includes an integrated torrent search facility.

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As a download manager, Folx seems to make a real difference and the download management features are a nice touch. The bundled torrent client is an added bonus.