FM Live is a free tool for locating, listening to and recording more than a thousand internet radio stations from all around the world.

The program launches with a Windows 8-style interface, dark backgrounds contrasting with bright and colourful tiles. While this looks good, it also wastes a lot of space (several of the tiles are for non-essential options like "About", "Follow us", "Like us", "Add us" and so on), but click "Channels" and you can bypass that by launching the full application.

Your first step should be to choose the country you'd like to explore. There are 48 on offer, from Afghanistan to the USA.

The program then displays all the radio stations available for that country. Usually there are a lot - 353 in America, for instance - so you may have plenty of scrolling to locate what you need. Spot a station of interest, though, click its tile, and FM Live should access and stream it immediately.

We say "should" because it's not always that simple. A few stations failed to connect for us. Others displayed errors saying they couldn't play in our location. And in some cases a browser window opened to play the station, which wasn't too impressive (create an internet shortcut pointing to the same page and you won't have to install FM Live at all).

In theory you can record the current radio station, too, and even schedule recordings to take place when you're not around. We found that also wasn't too reliable, though, as the program regularly crashed when we tried to replay our own recordings.

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The interface is annoying and it has a few bugs, but if you're interested in internet radio then FM Live does at least have a very large database of stations (particularly for the UK and US)