There is something of a gap in the market for Mac compatible FTP clients. The software certainly exists, but it is an app category that many people find wanting. This is something that Flow aims to rectify. The software can be used to connect to FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV and MobileMe iDisk servers and can make use of QuickLook to allow for the previewing of files without the need to download and open them.

Flow also makes it possible to edit files directly on a server, eliminating the need to download, make changes save the file, and then re-upload. This is great for anyone using the application to manage a web site, and there is even a built in editor complete with syntax colouring, code suggestions and site previewing.

When uploading files to a server, Flow can automatically copy the URL to the clipboard so it is ready to be pasted into an email to share with others. To simplify the process of uploading files, 'droplets' can be used. One or more files can be dragged onto a droplet and will then be uploaded automatically.

FTP software suffers from covering one of the less exciting aspects of working online, but Flow helps to make things as enjoyable as possible by merit of how simply and intuitively everything can be done.

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A file transfer tool with style, Flow is flexible and powerful yet wonderfully simple to use.