Flamory is a mix of a screenshot tool and bookmark manager for both websites and local applications.

The basic idea is simple and straightforward. When you're viewing an interesting website or document, press Ctrl+Alt+A to take a screenshot, or enable history recording to capture every page you visit. This is saved for easy browsing later, and double-clicking any capture launches the site in your default browser, at the exact place in the source document.

If the snapshot isn't enough, you're able to annotate it with a pen, shapes, pointers or text captures.

This isn't just about images. There's also a search tool which enables finding any snapshot by any words from its contents.

When you run a Google search, Flamory can optionally search your snapshots (this is turned off by default). If there's a match then a thin blue strip appears at the right of the screen, and right-clicking this displays the results.

A bonus "sticky notes" feature allows annotating pages with a few simple text notes. Press Win+Shift+A to capture, enter a sentence or two, and you're done. Whenever you revisit that page, the notes are displayed in a popup, and they're also visible in the main snapshot library.

We expected Flamory to provide ways to manually organise our snapshots into folders, but no. Instead the program automatically displays related captures when you hit the Topic button, which is certainly easier to use, but gives you a little less control.

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Flamory is a handy web research tool, but its interface isn't always intuitive, and you'll probably have to play around for a while before you've mastered the program's various features.