Flagfox is a simple Firefox extension that displays a flag icon to represent the current website's server location. Hovering your mouse over the flag will reveal the server's IP address, and double-clicking it provides access to a map of the server, ISP details, Whois records and more.

While this all sounds very basic, it's surprising just how useful Flagfox can be. If you've got used to your bank's website being hosted in your own country, for instance, then suddenly seeing that it's relocated to China is a good indication that you're actually on a phishing site. Quick access to Whois records is always useful if, say, you're trying to verify the credentials of a new online store before you place an order. And just being able to see at a glance that a site is hosted on the other side of the world can help to explain why it might be performing poorly, and reassure you that maybe your ISP isn't to blame, after all.

Flagfox is well designed, too, and requires very few system resources. The flag it displays is determined by accessing its own internal IP address database, for example - it doesn't use any form of online lookup. And in the unlikely event of any problems, you can post questions on the Flagfox forum where the extension's author regularly helps out.

Version 6.1.0 brings (release notes):

- IPv4 & IPv6 address location database updates for July 2018
- Reimplemented support for fetching IPs from the DNS cache, instead of only requests (new WebExt API)
- Reimplemented support for customizable hotkeys for actions, instead of just one default (new WebExt API)
- Reimplemented action availability check on menu open, instead of all tab changes (new WebExt API)
- Added local caching for all favicons (uses localStorage; clears with cache clear)
- Added throttling to favicon fetching while editing an action's template
- Reimplemented default icon loading for missing favicons in menus
- Added support for importing actions into options from prefs/actions JSON files
- Improved startup to attempt to load icons into existing tabs, where possible
- Rewrote IP/host cache, yet again (having the DNS API makes things way less complex now)
- Added support for all action types in context menus, where now possible (IPs obtainable via DNS cache)
- Changed hotkey pref save format to match new API; old ones from Flagfox 5.2.x will be imported
- Added detection and indication of invalid or existing hotkeys, when setting (not 100%, due to iffy API)
- Added ability to undo a hotkey change without having to cancel config, via escape key
- Switched to PointerEvents where applicable (only minor use)
- Improved opening of new tabs to use openerTabId; now opened next to subject, instead of end of strip
- Support for Tree Style Tabs addon (and similar) is now available again due to openerTabId change
- Shut up some pointless warning messages on startup from manifest.json load
- Various code cleanups/fixes
- Dropped support for Firefox 56-59, as Mozilla only finally added the new APIs used here in Firefox 60

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A simple way to add a little extra security to your browsing