It’s very easy to get overwhelmed by your inbox, but this is something that EmailTray tries to address. While email is an indispensible tool for every day communication, it can also be a tremendous distraction. Even if you are not receiving notifications of the arrival of new emails, it is possible to spend too much time checking your inbox to see if new messages have arrived. This is time that could be put to better use, particularly if you discover that the only email to have arrived is not all that important.

EmailTray is a handy tool that enables you to take control of your inbox and ensure that you are only informed about the most important messages you receive. The program is capable of handling multiple email accounts – any POP3 or IMAP account is supported – so you can view all of your communication in one place. But it is the prioritizing feature that is the most intriguing. EmailTray analysing the emails you receive and, based on how you have responded to people in the past, who an email is received from and other criteria, messages are assigned a priority.

Your emails are then filtered into one of several sections and you can opt to only be notified about those emails that are deemed to have the highest priority. You can also define your own rules so that messages from a particular person, that contain a keyword or match other criteria will be automatically assigned a particular priority level, colored or flagged up for attention. With support for email backups, contact information pulled in from social network profiles, this is a great way to manage your inboxes.

There is also a paid-for version of the app that includes a number of extra features that are worth mentioning. Firstly, you have the option of securing the program with a password so that when you leave your computer unattended, your inboxes remain safe. There is also support for signature in the paid-for version and this means that you can set up different signatures for use with different email accounts and for different recipients – you can also sync signatures between devices that you have the software installed on.

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EmailTray takes a little getting used to, but once configured and trained could help save you a great deal of time and stress.